I am working for Scholastic since May 2015, at the digital department led by Miriam Troconis
with an All-Star dream team of AWESOME designers, among them María Isabel (Isa) Gouverneur, Alicia Vergel de Dios, Daniel Ocando, Michaela Zanzani,Hisami Aoki, Alexander Lombardo, Matt Santoro, Isabella Ossott, etc.

During 2015 I also worked for the Childfund Alliance for Felipe Cala Buendía and I did some projects among them the design and illustrations for the book for children about the Sendai Framework For Disaster Risk Reduction and I got to be interviewed by the one and only Nyasha Laing I feel blessed!

On 2016 I finished with my brother Daniel Blanco a documentary film for the director Basia Winograd.

If you want to check on the Childfund illustrated book or the doc. Psychoanalysis in El Barrio, etc.
Please take a look on our website: magentanetworks.tv

I am always ready for a new challenge!
Email me!! cb@cloblanco.com